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Sicilia Kochanowskiego

Sicilia Katowice Kochanowskiego

The history of the Sicilia restaurant in Katowice dates back to 12 April 1999, when the Sicilian owner and his Polish wife opened the pizzeria in downtown at ul. Kochanowskiego 2, close to the main train station and the well-known Rialto cinema.

This rustic Sicilian tavern, which features a mezzanine and a lovely balcony, became a part of the Katowice atmosphere. It is a romantic meeting place, where guests can relive their holidays in beautiful sunny Italy, while enjoying delicious meals, a glass of dry red wine and a good selection of Italian music. The restaurant is open every day from 12pm till 11pm.

Allowed credit cards- Visa, Master Card, American Express. We organize parties up to 30 people).

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Ristorante Pizzeria SICILIA

ul. Kochanowskiego 2

Reservations and information: tel. 032 2517990.

opening hours:

Mon – Sun 12pm till 11pm


from 12pm till 10pm
(free delivery within downtown Katowice)