Sicilia Silesia City Center

Sicilia Kochanowskiego

About us

The SICILIA pizzeria/restaurant invites all gourmets of Italian and Sicilian cuisine to try our pizza and other meals, including pasta, vegetables and fish, seasoned with Sicilian olive oil, oregano, olives and capers, and accompanied by fine Italian wine. The guests can enjoy a stylish interior with Italian music and relax, thinking about holiday trips to sunny Italy.

The cuisine of Sicily, the largest Italian island dubbed the Island of the Sun, is exceptionally diverse, refined and light.
What makes this cuisine unique and praised by dietitians worldwide is its variety of pastas, vegetables (eggplant, fennel, Sicilian tomatoes, olives), fish (the well-known Pesce Spada swordfish, sardines), ice cream, fruit, wine and vodka (famous grappa limoncello).